Our clients can benefit greatly from optimizing their planning processes. That is why we are committed to improving Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) for our production clients. In more mature environments, we can go the extra mile, setting up Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Topics we address include demand planning (forecasting), supply (production) planning, pre- and executive S&OP. For retail clients, we improve product availability by optimizing store and DC replenishment processes. In addition to the more standard S&OP processes, we also optimize specific topics such as Trade Promotions (TPM) and Product Life Cycle Management.

S&OP maturity scan

The first step is an S&OP scan. The scan provides insight into the maturity of the current S&OP process and identifies areas for improvement. The S&OP scan uses our proprietary model based on our own experiences and various sources, including Gartner’s 5-stage model or Aberdeen's model. Focus areas include:
• Demand & Supply plan
• Meeting structure and collaboration
• Organization and people
• Software landscape
• KPI's

S&OP implementation

The implementation or improvement of the current S&OP process starts with a good plan. (As mentioned, the maturity scan can be a good starting point.) Based on our extensive experience in various industries, we can present a result-oriented implementation plan. During this implementation, our consultants work with our customers' team to achieve results quickly and to ensure that the new processes are well established in the organization. For more information about our approach read the blog S&OP development framework.

S&OP software selection and implementation

Selecting the right software vendor to support your S&OP process is often a challenge because the available tools are not very distinctive at first glance. We believe it is critical to see which elements of your company and business are critical and specific and base your search on these items. We can support you to create a list of requirements, RFI, RFQ/RFP and more, as well as selecting the most suitable vendor. We can also serve as your project manager and specialist during the implementation process.

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