We support our customers in improving their integrated planning processes. For our manufacturing clients, we improve Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and in some cases we further develop this into Integrated Business Planning (IBP). S&OP topics include demand planning, supply (production) planning, executive S&OP and the planning cycle. For retail clients, we improve availability in the shelves by optimizing store and DC supply (replenishment). In addition to the more regular S&OP processes, we optimize specific topics such as Trade Promotions (TPM) and Product Life Cycle Management.

S&OP maturity scan

The S&OP scan provides insight into how mature the current S&OP process is and where the improvement potential lies. We use our own model based on our own experience and various sources such as Gartner's 5 stage model, Aberdeen and Larry Lapide's 4 stage model. Focus areas are: Demand & Supply plan, Meeting structure and collaboration, Organization and people, Software landscape and KPI Management Based on a data survey, we map the current performance and KPIs. Furthermore, we base ourselves on interviews we conduct with the stakeholders of the S&OP process within your company.

Implementation/optimization S&OP process

Implementation or improvement of the current S&OP process starts with a good plan. We make this together with the client based on the S&OP maturity scan. For more info about our approach read the blog S&OP development framework.

Selection and implementation of S&OP package

4Supplychain plays an independent role in determining the best software vendor. We help our customers with the selection that fits their desired level. We enjoy the challenge of finding the very tools that do exactly what our customers need. We are experienced in setting up your selection process (requirements, RFI, RFQ, RFP, etc.) and selecting the most appropriate vendor. We can also fill the role of project manager and/or specialist during implementation.

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