We specialize in the fields of Supply Chain Planning (Demand- and Supply Planning, S&OP, Inventory Optimization) , Logistics Distribution (Network Analysis, Warehousing and Transportation) and Supply Chain Sustainability. We will gladly analyse any challenge you encounter in these fields thoroughly and diligently and we will always come up with clear, feasible recommendations and set out to find an effective solution. 

Bespoke supply chain consulting

We always take our own distinct, engaged, and pragmatic approach to every consulting job. Always:

  1. Pragmatic
  2. Driven by data and experience
  3. To-the-point advice
  4. Feasible and realistic

We specialize in the following areas:

Supply Chain Planning

4Supplychain supports companies in improving their integrated planning processes (Demand- and Supply Planning (Forecasting), S&OP, Inventory Optimization).

Distribution network & warehouses

We analyze and design networks and warehouses, we run tenders (outsourcing), change locations and run continuous improvement projects.


Do you understand your current footprint and the key drivers behind this? We support you to set out a roadmap to reduce your carbon footprint and the projects behind this.

Your supply chain consultant

Looking for new ways to optimise your supply chain? Schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our consultants.