In the field of warehousing and distribution, we design networks and warehouses, carry out tenders (outsourcing), change locations and carry out continuous improvement projects.

Supply chain network analysis

4Supplychain helps companies to choose the right supply chain model that fits the strategy of the company. Here we can help with our own experience in combination with the right analysis based on data. We use different software packages, depending on the customers’ demand and complexity of the case.

We take into account your supply chain constraints and the risks involved. Clearly outline the impact on your footprint and costs. From there we arrive at the optimal picture together with the customer. 4Supplychain takes a pragmatic approach to integrate existing processes and already existing locations.

Warehouse design

Existing or new warehouses need good design to function optimally. 4Supplychain helps clients with various challenges in this area. Example issues may include: How should I set up my warehouse to have minimal travel distance? How can I increase capacity utilization so I can store more? What warehouse should we build that fits our strategy and growth? How do I optimally set up my picking lane?

Because of our many cases we have done, we continue to know the latest technologies in racking and automation. In addition, our added value lies in the fact that we have experience in running a warehouse. Here we know perfectly how to involve the current operation in a change and how to weigh the practical side in a re-design and can also carry out the implementation.

Selection 3PL & warehouse move

Considering moving to a 3PL is often a difficult and complex choice. 4Supplychain helps you with this consideration. We have done many projects and know the pitfalls of a wrong implementation or choice. Together with the customer we make a sharp plan with requirements. On this basis, we examine whether the current set-up can be changed or whether a move is wise. Cost, service and often also sustainability play an important role.

We can also support and guide implementation of the warehouse move. Typical roles during implementation are project management, expertise role in IT integration and also with regards to the physical move.

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