S&OP Maturity scan

4Supplychain has developed its own method to assess where you stand with your S&OP process. We ourselves have had years of experience in this area at several companies and roles as supply chain director, S&OP manager but also in more operational roles as demand, production or supply planner. This combined with literature has led to a clear framework for our S&OP maturity scan.

How do we proceed?

1. Plan assessment

Together with the client we look at what the current challenge is and come up with a plan of action. Our method is standard but the level of complexity of the S&OP process within your company determines how we apply the method. Furthermore, we discuss the level of ambition to which the organization wants to grow and the project organization.

2. Current score (KPIs)

We calculate as is with respect to KPIs based on given data. These include forecast accuracy, forecast bias, service level and number of days of inventory. More KPIs can be measured as needed. In an implementation to improve the process, this is the starting point and provides a clear assessment of where you are now. With our experience in multiple industries, we can measure your score on this as well.

3. Survey

We send out our survey widely within the company. The goal is to include all hierarchical "layers" within the company as well as all disciplines. This gives a very good picture of where the company stands and how it is viewed from different disciplines and levels within the organization. We enrich this with interviews in step 4.

4. Interviews

We will interview all disciplines involved in the S&OP process. This will help tremendously to paint a clear picture. Results from the survey provide a good basis for the questions we need to ask. Sales, planning, production, finance, marketing are mostly disciplines we will interview.

5. Presentation S&OP scan and plan for implementation

Final report we will present in which we clearly indicate the gap (if any) between the level of ambition and the axis is. We present a clear plan in which we go into process, people and tooling.

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