Our consultancy services are aimed at a specific challenge, problem or change that our clients are going through. We can support you with thorough analysis of the issue and recommending clear, pragmatic and effective solutions.

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP/ IBP)
    We support our clients to improve their integrated planning processes (S&OP). We do this with programs to improve the companywide S&OP process, but also more targeted approaches on demand planning, supply planning, executive S&OP, the monthly planning cycle and/ or inventory optimization. We also optimize specific topics such as Trade Promotions (TPM), RGM (Revenue Growth Management), Master Data, and Product Life Cycle Management. Read more about our S&OP development framework click here

  • Logistics (network design, warehouse design and optimization)
    In warehousing and distribution, we analyze and design networks and warehouses, we run tenders (outsourcing), change locations and run continuous improvement projects (read more about Lean Warehousing). We run cost-reduction projects based on our specialized benchmarking methodology that has supported clients gain improved understanding where to focus their efforts.

  • Digital capability development
    We understand that each supply chain is digital and only runs due to the systems and data it is using. We help our clients to better understand which data can be used where, how to gather more valuable data, how to (better) connect data sources and systems. The key is to translate this into valuable insights and tangible actions and improvements. This is what we call the digital supply chain.

  • Sustainable Supply Chain
    We support our customers to analyze the end-to-end supply chain footprint and opportunities for improvement. We make a roadmap and implement tangible measures. We create dashboards to measure performance and improvements. Contact us to start or strengthen your sustainable supply chain development.

  • IT-tools selection and implementation
    We take pride into identifying tools that do exactly that what our clients need. Many times this is not SAP or Oracle, but much more targeted, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools that are readily available. We are experienced in setting-up your selection process and the selection of the best suitable vendor for your business challenge

  • Procurement/ sourcing
    Our Procurement improvement services start with a spend analysis, followed by defining a category strategy and implementation. We run predefined tenders in many industries, of which the logistics industry is our sweet spot.

The goal of our consultancy is to make your supply chain operation run more effectively against the right cost level. Contact us: info@4supplychain.com

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