Footprint optimization

4Supplychain helps you reduce your impact on the climate. We have a big challenge with the current global warming. Together with our customers who want to make impact and go to CO2 neutral (or reduce footprint substantially) we try to reduce it.

First step is to map the current footprint. This is the basis for creating insights where footprint optimizations will have the most impact. 

4Supplychain has extensive experience in procurement, production, warehouses, planning and logistics. This knowledge is used to find opportunities and pragmatic solutions within your company to reduce your emissions. Some examples of areas we commonly address include:

  • The procurement of raw materials, other goods and services
  • Activities related to fuels and energy
  • Transportation (inbound, outbound, return)
  • Corporate facilities (owned and leased facilities)
  • Waste

In the improvement phase we will initially look for improvements that have a high impact on your footprint and a low complexity of implementation. We start this journey with brainstorm sessions in which we bring our own experience but also the insights of our clients itself and elaborate further.