Complex adjustment of supply chain systems for international expansion

One of our clients, a major Dutch importer and distributor of spirits, wanted to gain a foothold across the border in Belgium and France in addition to the twenty-year success they had with their approach in the Netherlands.

The request to 4Supplychain Consulting was to realize the demand planning, supply planning and stock management in SAP.

There was only little time for this project. The implementation started in August, while the company was already working the foreign markets and the Christmas season – the most important sales period for this sector – was approaching. Sales went well, especially in the also important and busy autumn period. As a result, the administrative processing was in danger of falling behind. As for the system: the one-to-one transfer of the Dutch system was not an option. Things like stock valuation, a differently composed forecast and the naming of new customer profiles with associated variations meant that the SAP system of the parent company had to be adapted to the situation of the respective countries.
A challenging job for Joep Willems, our colleague at 4Supplychain Consulting. In his previous assignments, he had been involved in ERP systems and planning, among other things. For this client he was able to realize the design of the SAP system in a short time with a stock valuation system based on Microsoft Power BI and a CRM system that could be implemented together with it.

“I always try to apply automation to achieve faster and more reliable data and data analytics,” he says. “I have also written a separate script to speed up the input of data into the ERP system and make it more accurate. After all, the challenge with this type of assignment is often that you have to quickly estimate which variables the systems contain, and how they can possibly conflict, and how you can prevent this. The client wants an error-free system that is fast and accurate so that it can adequately monitor and manage its expansion across borders. That is what I built.”

The assignment was completed within the planned six months.